Pug Boneski


On looks alone you’d say Pug wasn’t the ideal exponent of aerobic exercise, given his short nose and constant panting. Breathing has always been a bit of an issue for Pug. He has terrible asthma so huffs and puffs his way around all the races. Surely it’s only fair that he be granted a TUE or two?


Pug takes some special medicine that opens his lungs riiiiiight up which gets him back to his normal self. Despite his obvious physical impediments;  short body, small lungs and squat legs, Pug can actually put on a good show. He is light body makes him a bit of a mountain breakaway specialist.  And providing he’s had his medicine he’s actually quite the competitor. We can only imagine how brilliant Pug could be if he didn’t suffer his deliberating asthma,  just imagine what he’d be like if he wasn’t afflicted with his lung condition and didn’t have to take all those harmful lung-clearing drugs?