Mungo Schittburger

Broom Wagon Operative

If you see Mungo you know you've reached the end. Mungo sits behind the Lantern Rouge, moving at a slow but steady pace. Inescapable. He is cycling’s Grim Reaper.  

Mungo always wanted to ride the ProTour. He puts out over 6wkg for an hour or so but his hideous features and ugly lopsided style on the bike have made him a social media no-no.


The only place Mungo finds solace is behind the wheel of the Hundini broom wagon. It is here that he can exact revenge on those less gifted than him. He gently pushes on the accelerator, draws up alongside the flagging, the sick, the domestiques who have done their turn, He rolls down his window and asks the question: Are you done?  The rider’s bloodshot, exhausted eyes meet the mismatched mess of features that is Mungo and the first time they all say ‘No I can make it..’ They push on going even deeper- straining to stay ahead of Mungo.

But it is impossible. 

He is always there behind them. A shadow that is failure. He will ask again soon. How long can they resist the inevitable?