Villneuve Bullybobs


Villneuve comes from a racing family. His brother used to be a Grand Tour rider back in the day. Rode with Lemond once. Tragically Villneuve, although arguably the most talented of the two brothers has a love of imported little pork pies that he just could not contain. 

A competitive racing weight was something Villneuve could only dream of. He had interim discussions with a few teams but the elephant in the room was there even then, he’d go backwards anytime the road went upwards. Forced to make a choice: a life of monastic discipline and perhaps fa little fame or those irresistible little pork pies….? He chose the pies. And who are we to say he didn’t make the right choice? 

His second love will always be bike racing so he drives the Team Bus for Hundini Fiasco. He’s still part of the show. He sleeps curled up on the front seat, Hi-fives the team after a good day, collects caps and bidons for a hobby. He could have been one the best he thinks. But those imported mini pork pies. Irresistible.