Rueben Chi-Wah Rodriguez


Look at that cute little face. It is the face of someone who loves to make others suffer. 

Born high in the Andes, drawing breath from the thinnest air his whole life, Rueben was born to climb. His pint sized frame and harmless demeanour conceal a toughness few can match. Despite his diminutive size he will not be be intimidated.

He learned to suffer from an early age. Growing up where meals were scarce did not cause worry for Reuben. He always knew his destiny was to be one of the great climbers so every missed meal was weight he wouldn’t need to carry. 

 His nutritional regime hasn’t changed much since he turned professional. He eats a tiny dry twig every few weeks to keep him going. He’s heard of recovery shakes and fuelling but considers it sports science nonsense. Reluctantly at the recommendation of Hundini’s nutritionalists he will eat a handful of dry seeds on the hardest days but in truth he prefers the old ways of gritted teeth, big gears and just getting on with it. The way his heroes used to ride.

 Rueben shuns publicity and yearns for agony and silence, the sound of his tiny lungs working the tarmac beneath his wheels and the whispering wind of the high mountains. Sadly fame means he rarely hears the silence. His contingent of superfans follow him everywhere shouting his name and blowing their horns. He’s never at peace. They watch his every move, sleep outside his house and  follow him on his training rides on little mopeds so they don’t miss any of his incredible feats of suffering.

Rueben wishes they would leave him alone but they are so proud of him and their country that he dare not speak. So he endures as he endures the mountains.