Pucci Italiano


Pucci is a Neo Pro. And everything is AMAZING.

He still can’t quite believe he’s made it this far. The photo he has of him as a junior standing with a Grand Tour Superstar is still on his mantelpiece at home and now he’s on the same team.  

He just wants to keep training, learn and work for the great riders around him.

His numbers suggest greatness and inevitably he’ll ride one incredible stage race where he’s mixing it with the best and all the journalists will take note.

We just hope it all doesn’t go to his head.

Only time will decide whether he matures into the great rider he promises to be.

He understands the modern world of marketing and content creation. He spends half his time working on his social media profile, he has a TikTok, Instagram and Social media manager. He's always making video and taking pictures of things that have his name on them- the side of the bus, his top tube #livingthedream. He's first choice for launches of new products given his following. Instagram bio reads: Pucci loves to support the brands that support the team, engage with followers and look good. Pucci's Facebook page says he aims to win the Giro Tour double by the time he’s 25. But they all say that. Good luck on your first season Paulo!