A little bit of

Hundini history

A look back at some of our famous jerseys and the stories behind them.


Team kit

This famous kit was one of the best loved in the peloton.

But wasn’t just the striking pattern that made it so memorable; it was the fact that every single sausage in it's design was 100% edible- so our riders had a steady supply of emergency sausage during long days in the break.


Who can forget Scruffy Rodriguez -without a team car for 150km of Le Ronde eating his entire shirt? The photo of him crossing the line, fur spattered with Flandrian mud, dry sausage chunks in his little white beard found pride of place in millions of cyclist's bedrooms as the perfect display of fortitude, and testament to the genius of meat weaved into performance fabrics.


Team kit

A famous kit, but not for the best reasons.

Being briefly sponsored by a tick treatment seemed like a great idea at the time but the millions of promotional ticks that were thrown from the caravan during the tour and our infamous tick-printed jerseys caused no end of scratching, itching and associated medical problems (including a few deaths) lawsuits ongoing. We created little epidemics everywhere we we went, got banned from every hotel and had to sleep in the bus. We keep it here as a reminder that cycle racing isn’t always easy and things don’t always go smoothly. Ironically these collectable jerseys now sell for many hundreds of Euros.


Team kit

This iconic pastel squares kit was inspired by the  brightly coloured buildings of an amazing 14th century town in the foothills of the Southern Pyrenees. The team enjoyed their short stay immensely during a mountains training camp.


The village was then completely razed to the ground to make space for Hundini's largest and most up to date meat rendering and goat sausage extruding factory. This jersey proudly celebrated that little town and it's displaced population. You may not be able to see but each square has the signature of a former home-owner hand- stitched into the fabric.


Hundini kindly re-homed  65% of the population in a prefabricated village just beside the waste outfall so they could still just see where they used to live. 


Team kit

The 2019/20 kit features more prominently the famous Fiasco Financing 'Fleeing F' logo as a faded motif. 'The fleeing F' references how Fiasco Financing's owners escaped the brutal and oppressive regime of the City of London with several hundreds of millions of Euros on a chartered yacht.


The liberated money- now free from the iron fist of taxation which would be wastefully used for hospitals, schools and infrastructure- has been put to tremendous use- funding Hundini Fiasco's stellar rider lineup.


You will also notice Flem Waffles brand logo appropriately positioned around the guts- the fatter the rider the more visible Flem Waffles branding is.

Just how Flem would like it.


The latest suit feature aero optimised sleeves, and is wind tunnel tested going both forwards and backwards. It contains Graphene infused fibres and in-built electronics for no reason whatsoever.