Gaston Whippy


Gaston is the swashbuckling king of puncheurs. On his day he is absolutely unbeatable.

But as with all artistes, the right sensations must be there before they commit full gas. Gaston is very particular. He likes it to be a certain temperature to be his best- between 16 and 24 degrees. He does not prosper in rain, He’s too light for strong crosswinds, has a strong aversion to sleet, snow and hot sun.

But what a kick he possesses!  Gifted with all the talent and physical traits you could ask for. It’s a shame he’s so lazy. Whippy sleeps for up to 20 hours a day. Some say it is to keep that incredible engine and body in peak condition, others wonder if he’s actually ill.

A talismanic figure that few can compete with on a steep slope after a long day- the only chink in his armour is perhaps his small frame which limits him against the clock.

It is only a matter of time before he creates his own brand of off-bike leisurewear and is photographed with a model leaving a fashionable night club.