Meet the Sponsors

No pro cycling team can survive without sponsors so please enjoy the heartwarming stories of our wonderful supporters.

Hundini Sausages

DIRTY meat products

Hundini was founded in 1984 by a small band of Belgian amateur racers and butcher shop employees.

 In a bid to bring fame and fortune to their deprived local area, they began paying high-profile local riders to come and race for them. Rider budget was obtained entirely from the sale of substandard sausages from the back door of their Ghent butchers shop. 

The money was enough to attract a young  Eddie Van Der Venison who went on to become the finest stage racer of his generation. He provided enough media exposure and popularity that Hundini grew far beyond a backdoor knock-off sausage shop, it grew as the team grew and it is now the fantastic multinational meat stuffing, deforesting, animal slaughtering conglomerate we all love. 

Thus Hundini and cycling are forever tied together with a fresh stuffed intestine that can never be ripped apart.

Fiasco Financing


Fiasco financing is run out of a small, nondescript office in the Caymen Islands. 

It's not entirely sure where all the money comes from but the owners seem to be successfully evading the authorities and putting it to good use.


Many, who fail to understand how professional cycling works, have described them as financial pirates, criminals, and 'filthy lawless capitalists' but as long as they contribute to cycling who are we to complain? 


Their famous ‘Fleeing F' logo is terrific shorthand for how they do business.


Training camps are held once a year at the FIasco Financing mansion. There is always a whiff of excitement as the team bus arrives at the fortified compound and inches its way through the perimeter fences and armed guards. The riders look forward to cooling off in the 100m pool after a long ride up the private mountain or perhaps some interval sessions in the augmented reality danger room deep underground. 


Fiasco Financing has brought much needed stability to Hundini and allowed it to thrive. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship. The owners get full access to a world and people who probably hate them but cannot say anything. Hundini gets LOADS OF MONEY. 

We look forward to not asking too many questions and a continuing prosperous relationship and successful partnership over the coming years. Forza Fiasco!

Flem Waffles

'THEY"RE good for you'

Whose mouth doesn’t begin watering when you hear the two words Flem and waffles in the same sentence?  Made by 7 generations of the same 6 fingered family just outside Leuven in Flanders.


Flem waffles are an institution and the famous name in the world of Belgian cycling waffles. I doubt you can name a cyclist who at one time or another hasn't feasted upon a mouthful of Flem after a long ride in the Belgian wind.


Hundini have been supported by Flem for many years. 

Everyone in the team looks forward to the end of season Flem get-together. Around our giant Waffle-shaped table we throw handfuls of Flem into each other’s mouths whilst shouting the Flem marketing catchphrase:  


'Smooth Smooth swallow of Flem’


Almost as famous is the celebration of our stage-winners who have a bucket full of Flem tipped over their heads- the Flem they catch they take home or throw out into the crowd. It's silly but for us it is a wonderful tradition. 


Flem are 45% unrefined sugar, 

46% refined sugar syrup, 25% fat and 26% gluten filled wheat. 


Those slick sugary lumps slipping down your throat. Mmmmm.


PErformance energy products

The most famous animal derived fuel and drink supplement. 

PigCheek have been with us since the very beginning. 

We like to try and give all our fans a taste of pro-team performance food which is why we recommend you go out and buy some PigCheek gels for your next ride.

 Why not try our new extruded aspic jelly blocks?

Or our powdered trotter carbohydrate pre-mix?

Whatever you choose to fuel your ride you can be sure that PigCheek performance energy products will keep your motor running and your heart racing at a considerably higher than average rate. Speak to a doctor before and after using PIgCheek. Do not ingest rectally.


PigCheek almost 100% natural Energy Gel ingredients: 


Liquified pig cheek extract 25% 

Snout Caffeine 18%

Oink derived stabilisers 13%

Pressed liver vitamin drips 4%

Hoof-derived fructose syrup 9%

 flayed tail ends 9%

 ham juice 7% 


Packaging is now 100% flayed pig skin (and edible in an emergency)


The off season fun sensation

 Ball make the best balls 

A ball you can chase.

A ball you can chew. 

A ball you can lie in bed with.

 A ball for spring. 

A ball for summer. 

A ball for all seasons. 

With a vulcanised rubber interior and a 100% natural animal derived fluff exterior it is the number one bouncing rolling throwing catching toy in all of Europe. 


When you choose Ball you choose the best. 


Ball is our official off-season toy.